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SULA BOX GAMES stands against war of any kind!


We once heard this saying, "In war, politicians provide ammunition, the rich provide food, and the poor provide children. After war, politicians get back leftover ammunition, the rich grow more food, and the poor look for their children's graves." These words still touch us deeply to this day.

The war in Ukraine continues to worsen, and displaced men, women and children have all paid a heavy price.


Although we are a small independent game development and publishing team, we hope to do as much as we can to speak for NO WAR and help children who have become homeless due to the war.


We have set up a NO WAR purchase option in "Endless Road: Reborn". All income from the NO WAR option will directly support Ukraine through Japan for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


With your support, we will be able to help Ukrainian children return to school and a normal life as soon as possible.


All details regarding our NO WAR campaign will be publicly and transparently posted on our homepage.


Please join us in standing against war.

We proclaim: We are against war of any kind! We want peace!

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