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Powering up indie games!

SULA BOX GAMES is a team that is focused on the development and distribution of independent games.


We are lovers of independent games and understand that independent game developers face many challenges, such as inadequate understanding of the game distribution market, insufficient market resource support, lack of localized market operations, and more. In order to help developers overcome these hurdles, SULA BOX GAMES was born.


We have extensive experience in global independent game distribution. Our distribution team covers countries and regions that speak Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and more. We provide exclusive localized market operations support for independent game developers.


SulaViz Music Studio, owned by Sula Box Games, composes original music for games. Having unique and outstanding original music is an indispensable part of the game development process, but many independent game developers do not have the ability or resources to create original music. SulaViz Music Studio will help solve this problem!


We help indie game developers promote their games so that developers can freely focus on the creative process in game development. Through our own efforts, we hope to promote the development of independent games as a whole.


We are here to power up indie games!

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