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Hello, rice grain! Welcome to Endless Road: Reborn! You’re probably eager to start adventuring and fight monsters on the endless road, but have no idea where to begin. Fear not, for this guide will explain how to play your cards right and navigate this dangerous world. Although the basic battle system is fairly simple, this game features dozens of card skills, talents, and items that, when used in the right combinations, lead to many different ways to fight and defeat tough enemies. The more you experiment with these combinations, the more you will discover different strategies and playstyles for you to enjoy! So, are you ready? Let’s go!




From the main menu, click on “New Game” to, well, start a new game! Next, choose your character! As of the making of this guide, there are eight playable characters, each with their own unique playstyles, skills, and Talents! All characters are unlocked on PC, but for iOS only Paladin, the default character, will be available; you’ll have to purchase characters or character packs to unlock the others. 


The button on the top-left corner of each character portrait is the character’s Talent. Hover over (PC) or touch and hold (mobile) the Talent button to see a detailed description of their Talent. Each character has two Talents to choose from, although the second Talent will be locked at first. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to clear the 3rd Floor (or “level”) of the game with that character. Playstyle descriptions and general strategies for each character will be detailed in a different guide.


After choosing your character, you’ll appear at the start of the endless road!



At the start of a playthrough, you’ll start on the 1st Floor. As you travel along the road, you may encounter monsters, whom you’ll fight in card battles! If you reach the end of the Floor and defeat the Boss monster waiting there, you’ll advance to the next Floor! There are four Floors in total, from forests on Floors 1 and 2 to deserts on Floors 3 and 4. If you beat the Boss on the 4th Floor, then you’ll clear the game! Successful clears will be saved in your clearance record, which can be accessed from the main menu. 


Part I: The Endless Road


Right in the middle of the screen is the endless road, a.k.a. the overworld. Click on the green arrow on the right to roll a dice. Your character will then advance the same number of spaces rolled on the dice. If you roll a 6, lucky you! You’ll get some rewards! Some spaces are blank, and landing on these will lead to a random event! Others are occupied by items or enemies. You’ll have to interact with them if you wish to proceed!

  • Elite Monsters (a.k.a. Infernal Mob): Some monsters are stronger than normal ones. When encountering an Elite monster, you can choose to run away or fight it. Upon being defeated, Elite monsters drop better items than normal monsters do and reward you with a Blessing! (Blessings will be explained later on)

  • Stores: Some blank spaces will have a store! Here, you can purchase items or sell your own items. 


At the end of each Floor is a Boss monster! After defeating the Boss, you’ll be rewarded with loads of valuable items and will advance to the next Floor!


Part II: Stats

Above your character portrait, you can see your health bar (red). If your HP drops to 0, you’ll die! You can also see how much Gold you have. You can use Gold at shops or during certain events to buy items and whatnot.


Part III: Inventory

Along the bottom and right sides of the screen are several inventory slots where items you pick up will be stored. There are different types of items, which each go in their own section. If a section of your inventory is full, you cannot pick up anymore items of that type unless you use, discard, or sell an item you have.


Standard Items: Standard items go on the bottom row of your inventory. Most items are consumables that you can use while in the overworld. 


Equipment (3 slots): Equipment goes in the top three slots on the right side of the screen. Equipment adds cards equipped with special skills to your deck! Pieces of equipment have a green banner in the top-left corner of their description window. 


Gems (3 slots): Gems go in the bottom three slots on the right side. Gems are passive abilities that will take effect during battles! Gems have a purple banner in the top-left corner of their description window.


TIP: You may come across a piece of equipment or a gem that you already have. Check its stats! Even though it has the same skill as the item you have, it may have better stats.


TIP: Some equipment and gems can only be equipped by certain characters. 


Runes (2 slots): Runes go in the two slots below your character portrait. Runes are consumable items that you can use during battles. 


Part IV: Character Portrait

The big picture of you on the bottom-left corner is your character portrait! Surrounding your character portrait are various numbers and symbols.





Deck (bluish oval, bottom left): Contains all of your cards, your main tools in battle! The number within the oval indicates how many cards you have in your deck. Clicking on your deck lets you see what cards you have. Cards will be explained further in the battling section.


Level (gold w/ blue number, top right): Your character level is displayed here. When defeating monsters, using certain items, or encountering certain events, you’ll gain EXP (shown in the blue bar above your portrait). Once you have enough EXP, you’ll level up! 


Leveling up allows you to choose a Secret card to add to your deck! Secret cards have unique abilities that can give you huge advantages in battle! Hover over (PC) or click and hold (mobile) the Level icon to see how much EXP you have.


Talent (hexagon, top left): Not important right now. Will be explained in the battling section.


Attack/ATK (yellow diamond, bottom right): Not important right now. Will be explained in the battling section.


Part V: Extra

Mission: At the top-left corner is a random mission. Completing missions gives you rewards! You can also spend 1 Gold to receive a different mission if you don’t like your current one.


Blessings: Blessings are powerful passive abilities that will help you during battle! Click on the gold symbol at the top-right corner to see what Blessings you have.


Character Portrait (cont.): Click on your character portrait to view the following:

  • Score: As you progress through the game, you’ll be scored based on your stats, actions, and more. In this menu, you can see what sorts of conditions and actions give you how many points, as well as which ones you’ve met or completed. Upon death or clearing the whole game, you’ll receive your final score. For playthroughs where you’ve cleared the game, your score (and which character you played as) will be recorded in the clearance record in the main menu. 

  • Story Record: You’ll write and pick up letters along your journey. These letters are saved in the Story Record. All the letters you collect from your past playthroughs will also be saved here. 




So you’ve run into an enemy. Now’s the time to fight! But you won’t be fighting on any normal battlefield; this is a card battle! Each side takes turns to play cards, which will roll points and contribute to their point total. Whoever has the higher point total gets to attack! However, attacking is not the only way to win. You will find that there are many ways to make the enemy kill themselves.


Part I: What Am I Even Looking At?

Hand Cards: The bottom row contains your hand cards, your main tools in battle! When you click on a hand card, it will go to the field and roll a certain number of points. How many points a card can potentially roll will be a random number between the min and max point value of that card. 

  • Detailed Stats & Skill View: Hover over (PC) or touch and hold (mobile) a card to see a detailed view of its stats and skill description.

    • Min & Max: Displays the lowest and highest possible point value this card can roll when played.

    • Skill Description: A detailed description of the card’s skill (if it has one).

    • Skill Condition: Displayed in a second black box that appears next to the details box. Describes when a skill will take effect.


  • Max Point Value: The number displayed on the front face of the card. Shows the highest possible point value a card can roll when played.

    • Fixed Point Value: Some skills and Talents have the ability to set the point value of regular hand cards to a fixed number. In such cases, the number shown on the card will be green and will indicate the point value it’s guaranteed to have when played.

  • Color: Indicated by its border color and a colored symbol on top. There are three basic card colors: cyan, purple, and scarlet. There are also other card colors and types.

  • Skill: The icon inside the circle. 


Field & Point Total: The blank area above your hand cards. You can have up to a maximum of six cards on your field during one turn. The sum of all your field cards’ points is listed in the left box, while the enemy’s is on the right. Whoever has the higher point total gets to attack!


Health/HP & Armor: HP is indicated by the red bar. If your HP drops to 0, you’ll die! The shield icon next to your HP is your Armor. When you take damage, it will be applied to your Armor before your HP. Armor replenishes/resets once the battle is over.


Character Portrait: Next, let’s take a look at yourself! Your character portrait is on the bottom-left corner and is surrounded by several numbers, buttons and symbols. 

  • Deck (bluish oval, bottom left): Contains all of your remaining deck cards. The number within the oval indicates how many cards you have in your deck. Clicking on your deck lets you see what cards you have. You can also click on the enemy’s deck to see what they have as well.

  • Attack/ATK (yellow diamond, bottom right): How much damage you’ll do to the enemy when attacking.

  • Rage (fire symbol, top right): When your Rage reaches 100%, your next attack will be a Critical hit, which deals double damage! You’ll gain some Rage after each round.

  • Talent (hexagon, top left): Each character has a unique Talent they can use during battle! Click on the Talent button to use it! Hovering over (PC) or tapping and holding (mobile) the button will let you see your Talent’s description.



Passive Skills (left, three slots): You can have up to three passive skills. Passive skills are acquired by obtaining Gems in the overworld. Just like card skills, passive skills also have conditions. You can click on your passive skills to turn them off or on. 


Runes (far right, two slots): Mystical items that can be used during your turn. Runes are consumed upon use.


Blessings (left of HP bar, gold spark): Passive abilities that are obtainable when you defeat Elite and Boss monsters! There is no limit to how many Blessings you can have.


Enemy Side: The top half of the screen contains the enemy’s cards, field, passive skills, etc.


Escape (red arrow, top left): Allows you to run away from a battle, but can only be used if you have Monster Mucus in your inventory. You cannot run away from Boss battles.


Part II: Turns & Setup


Battles are carried out in a series of turns. Each side starts off with a few cards in hand and at the start of each turn, each side draws one card from their deck. The enemy always goes first each turn. It will play a few cards and once it’s done, it’ll be your turn!


When it is your turn, you can choose to do any of the following in any order:


Play cards: Click on any of your hand cards to send it to your side of the field. That card will roll a random number of points between its min and max value once it’s played. The point values of your field cards will be added up and displayed in the left box in the center of the screen. Whichever side has the higher point total gets to attack! You can play up to six cards during one turn. 



Defend: Sometimes, it won’t be likely or even possible for you to get a higher point total than the enemy. Instead of attacking, you can choose to defend instead. By not playing any cards during your turn and clicking the “Duel” button, a large shield will appear over your character portrait. While Defending, any damage you receive will be halved. Defending is also a great way to save your cards for later turns. 


Use your Talent: Note that Talents with “Passive” skills can’t be clicked on/actively used.


Use Runes: Runes are consumed upon use.


TIP: Pay very close attention to the enemy’s skills. If you don’t, it could lead to setting up incorrectly during your turn and losing a duel you were expecting to win. Skills also have conditions which determine when or how a skill will take effect, so carefully check skill conditions as well.


TIP: Some enemies have skills that are detrimental to themselves. Use this to your advantage and try changing your playstyle accordingly!


Duel: Once you’re satisfied with the cards you’ve played, click the green “Duel” button at the bottom-right of the screen. This ends your turn and starts the dueling phase.


Part III: Dueling Phase


Attacking: Whoever has the higher point total during the duel will attack the other side. The damage they deal will be equal to their Attack (ATK). Damage is done to the enemy’s Armor first. If they don’t have any Armor, it will be dealt to their HP. Whoever loses all their HP dies and loses the battle.

  • Armor: After the battle is over (when you’ve defeated the enemy and return to the overworld), your Armor will reset to its original value. Therefore, taking a few hits to your Armor won’t be detrimental to your journey in the overworld or during the next battle you enter. Use this aspect to your advantage!

  • If both sides have the same point total, both sides will attack each other.


TIP: Getting higher point totals than your enemy may be the main way to attack, but it’s not the only way to deal damage or win battles. Pay attention to your skills, as well as the enemy’s, and you may discover different ways to claim victory!


Next Turn: After attacking and all applicable skills have been used, the duel ends, all field cards are removed, and the next turn begins.



Part IV: Ending the Battle

Victory: If the enemy’s HP drops to 0, congratulations, you’ve won the battle! Upon victory, you’ll return to the overworld. Armor will reset, but your HP will be the same as it was when the battle ended. If you’ve lost HP, you should use items to replenish it!


Defeat: If your HP drops to 0, you’ll die. A screen showing your score for this playthrough will pop up. You can then choose to return to the previous save point (in this case, the start of the battle), or start a brand new playthrough.


Part V: Extra

Secrets: Special cards that are white in color and have unique skills. Upon leveling up (in the overworld), you can choose one of three Secret cards to add to your deck.


Minions: Some skills and Talents can summon minions, which will go to your field to assist you in battle. Hover over (PC) or touch and hold (mobile) minion icons to see a detailed view of their abilities. Minions count towards your six-card limit on the field, but they are not considered cards, meaning you can still Defend even if you have minions on your field.


Invention Cards: Yellow cards that are added to your hand or deck during battles via skills and Talents. Invention cards will not remain in your deck after battles, nor can they be added to your deck in the overworld. 



Congrats! You’ve just beaten the Boss! Before you move on to the next Floor, you’ll have the option to purchase equipment and gems! There are some conditions, however:

  • You can only buy equipment and gems to replace your current ones. You’ll have to discard one of your equipment or gems to free up space.

  • Free equipment and gem slots in the overworld will be locked on this page, meaning you cannot buy an item and place it in that slot.

  • You can only buy equipment and gems you have acquired at least once before on your account, whether on this playthrough or on previous playthroughs. 


You can also see which Boss monster will appear on the next Floor. Once you’re done with your purchases, click “Go” to proceed to the next Floor! But beware, for the enemies on the next floor will be tougher… 




If you beat the Boss on the 4th Floor, then you’ve cleared the game! You’ll see a page showing your total score. After that, you’ll have access to the Lucky Stone shop, where you can purchase special bonuses using Lucky Stones! You earn one Lucky Stone every time you clear the game. Successful clears and their scores will be saved in your clearance record, which can be accessed from the main menu.


Next, you can start a new life! You can choose a new character or Talent, then start back on Floor 1. Try beating your previous score or try out different ways to play the game! The more you play, the more bonuses and advantages you’ll have in later playthroughs! You’ll also gain access to Hell Mode… 



As the name implies, this mode is harder than Normal Mode. Switch to Hell Mode by clicking on “Normal” in the main menu. You can then choose your Hell Mode difficulty level! The first time you clear Normal Mode using different characters and Talents, you will unlock a Hell Mode level.


Here’s what you can expect in Hell Mode:

  • Stronger enemies!

  • Cannot save the game until you defeat a Boss.

  • After 12 turns, Boss and Elite monsters will go berserk, gaining 50% ATK each turn.

  • Curses, negative effects. Higher difficulty levels have more Curses.


Once you’ve cleared 14 levels of Hell Mode, you will unlock Challenge Mode!



Daily challenges containing set Curses, Characters, etc.! Like in Hell Mode, Boss and Elite monsters will go berserk after 12 turns (+50% ATK per turn). Lucky Stone effects are inactive, and you cannot save the game.



Choice and strategy are the core components of this game, just like the crossroads of life. Our lives are all about striving to avoid wrong choices, and what we want to tell you is that most of the time right and wrong are subjective, and the “right choice” may be what your enemy is hoping you’ll choose. Like in our game, don't dwell on what's right or wrong, embrace your decisions and go full steam ahead!


We are waiting for you on the endless road!!!


Figures and other goods are also in full swing. Please follow our official website for more information.

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Fight smarter, not harder. Crafting gadgets in the middle of a fight may not seem like the best way to survive, but this talented Inventor says otherwise. When effectively utilized, her inventions grant her abilities others can only dream of possessing. Lightning guns? Check. Impenetrable shields? Double check. Moonlight laserbeam to insta-kill foes? Oh, heck yes!

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